Megalock LTD

Megalock Ltd is a leading security solution manufacturer. Megalock designs products and provides services to help your premises work more efficiently and obtain a superior lever of high-security.

Our top class designing, implementation and right co-operatives guarantee that Megalock will always find the right security solution for your specific needs, without forgetting cost-efficiency.

We have been working in security development since 1975. We want to share the knowledge we have gathered from our international and domestic high-security projects with you.

Megalock Ltd, together with its partnerships, consists of ca.70 employees. We make it our priority that our professional team serves our customers to the highest standard, always utilizing the newest technologies.

We work consistently with the companies that we represent, and our team regularly goes through technical training in order to employ the latest innovations. Megalock Ltd headquarter is located on Henry Fordin Katu 6d in Helsinki, and our branch office is at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

We are strongly committed to maintaining Megalock’s high profile quality guarantee for our customer’s satisfaction and benefit. In addition to that we also follow ISO9001 quality system.