Planning and Consulting

In Finnish we have a saying, “Good planning is half the work” (Hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty). The Megalock design team specialises in planning security solutions for properties. We guarantee that you will receive a functional, safe, stylish, and above all, secure environment. Megalock also does consulting for external security experts and architects who work on a variety of property types. With our expertise, these professionals have more time and freedom to concentrate on their main tasks. We also provide a full AutoCAD and 3D Pro-service, and web-links to designer data-banks.

Project Management

Megalock Ltd has developed and built hundreds of challenging large-scale security and property projects. Our success in this industry is due to a combination of modern engineering skills and our long experience in the security business

Our operations are always planned to fit the safety and security requirements of the project management, and to get the most out of the existing security environment by developing its features. All this preparatory work is carried out with input from the designer, the architect and the client.

Installation, maintenance, service and upgrades

We provide a professional service team for your use. Our 24-hour technical support team takes care of your property’s security needs, and is on call to provide you with any on-site help you may require within approximately 2 hours. Our highly motivated and service orientated team members will take care of your door environment. All our clients will get contact details for their own individual technician, who personally maintains their door environment, or provides necessary help to solve any problems which may arise. Megalock Ltd, together with its partners, maintains thousands of door environments annually.

Our efficient service agreement and first class service concept give our customers greater freedom and time. Please contact us and ask more about our cost-efficient service agreements!

Key Management, Ovitieto® and other digital services

In addition to our Ovitieto®-web service, we also provide a comprehensive key management and documentation service to our customers. If you have any questions about these services, please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information.


Megalock Ltd. also leases security products by using our leasing-contracts. We have a partnership contract with Nordea bank Finland to offer a flexible, cost-effective way of fulfilling our customer requirements.