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AQML / Quality scanner
Automated quality check for assemblies

Production processes may contain some critical points that will require checking and controlling, because it might interfere later phases. An automated quality control system can be a convenient solution for some particular production phase. In ideal case, the system will monitor the process without interfering it at all. The handling of the result can be strictly statistical, or combination of separating false products. The system will provide Pass / Fail status and result file in specified file format.

The main benefitsof the AQML system:

  • 100% automated quality control.
  • Simplified and maintenance free mechanical construction.
  • Tailored, easy-to-use softwares.
  • Quick teaching of new products or modifying the existing program by AQ-Teach software.
  • The use and maintain of the system does not require in-depth training and knowledge for used 3D sensor technology.
  • Resources needed for quality control will be minimized.
  • Produces and transmits real-time information about the certain points of the production.
  • Presence / Absence checking of the components.
  • Height measurements of certain component may reach an accuracy of +-0,1mm.
  • False products from certain points of the production are identified, separated and repaired so they will not interfere later phases.
  • Inspection data about the production is stored into specified data file.
  • Provides quality control between plants by using similar test system.
  • Optimises yield.

Construction of the system:
- System unit is installed above the conveyor. It consists of 3D sensor and electrical cabinet.
- Photoelectric cell for image triggering
- Encoder for controlling the speed of the conveyor for image forming
- PC

- Conveyor unit

Technical specifications:
- Dimensions:
- Weight:
- Electrical power input:
- Operation temperatures:
    500 x 500 mm
230VAC 50Hz.
0 - 40 °C

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