Roller is an innovative locking solution for multi door environments.

It is easy to introduce and it transforms your traditional mechanical locking solution into an electronic lock that can be managed with devices such as a mobile phone.

Applications include maintenance and upkeep services, property management, building industry and public-sector services with decentralized access areas, or laborious or bureaucratic key management.

Replacing traditional hard keys with electric keys brings a considerable improvement for security and boosts efficiency.

Roller can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently to replace mechanical door locking and can also be used in parallel with existing mechanical locking. Regardless of the extent of the door environment, Roller can be integrated with any existing access control system.

Access rights can be managed real-time and wirelessly, and where necessary, access and log information are accessible using a web browser.

Roller is compatible with most common access control equipment and with the MegaFlex access control system.

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Technical operating principle

  • A Bluetooth module is installed on the inside of a door
  • Software is downloaded into a mobile phone
  • The phone is connected with a browser-based access control system through the GPRS networ

Operating principle in practice

  • A mobile phone scans nearby doors and displays the doors' logical identifications
  • Doors are opened by selecting the right door on a list, and the phone sends user information to a background server that verifies the opening rights
  • An access control server communicates the opening rights back to the lock module via the mobile phone using a secured connection
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Roller can be customized for the Health care sector. Features include:

  • Real time work hour monitoring
  • Home care service information such as confirmation of meal delivery, cleaning and medication
  • Losing a key is no security issue; no hard keys or master keys
  • Considerable savings in time and money
  • Wireless and centralized keying and assignment of access rights
  • Compatible with existing systems
  • Affordable to introduce
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